DSC Fearless Khawaja Invincible Uzi Player Edition Cricket Bat (SH)

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  • DSC Invincible UZI Special Edition English Willow Cricket Bat - SH
    • Made for Australian Top Order Batsman Usman Khawaja. Individually hand crafted from the world's top 1% and the most reserved grade players English Willow.  Sturdy Sports is the first one to stock this bat and take pre ordersThis bat is available exclusively at Sturdy SportsPurchase this bat to book one for you as only limited stock available.

      The all powerful invincible lets you be fearless on the crease. With the massive edges and exquisite balance, invincible inspires confidence from the moment you pick it up. 

      This bat is enhanced with DSC's ENERGY PROFILE - an innovation in bat design that allows maximum transfer or energy to the ball upon impact.  Invincible boasts ENERGY-I, giving its power an extra punch.    

      • Construction: Individually hand crafted from the worlds top 1% and the most reserved grade players English Willow. 
      • Sweet Spot: Mid to low blade profile ideally suited for all round shot play
      • Face: Flatter face for technical top order batsmen and optimum balance.
      • Handle: Oval handle for complete control and better wrist movement
      • Profile: Full professional profile with amazing pick up and balance with a hint of duck bill
      • Edges: Maximum MCC regulation edges ≈40mm
      • Bow: Slight bow
      • Grip: Dynamic grip for better control
      • Finish: Comes with premium gun case bat cover.