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Kookaburra Rapid 200 Cricket Bat - Senior

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Kookaburra Rapid 200 Cricket Bat - Senior
RAPID fires off again for this season. A distinctively low profile designed for cricketers who love to play off the front foot, finished with a sweeping spine and traditional shaped toe. This bat is fitted with a white Kooka grip and RAPID's signature bright orange stickers. Stand out from the crowd
The Rapid boasts not only a loud appearance, but an imposing low profile that will give you the confidence to take on the game. Perfect for batsmen looking to attack the boundary on the front foot.
  • Construction: Built with Grade 2 English Willow
  • Edge: Big edges 38- 40 mm
  • Bow: Standard for ease of stroke play
  • Sweet spot: Low-Middle for All round stroke play 
  • Handle: Round handle for comfort and complete control
  • Pick-up: Minimal scalloping for lightweight pick-up
  • Toe: Natural Squared toe
  • Finish: Free Knocking in (15000 Machine knocks on the latest Automated knocking machine)

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