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Kookaburra Fever 300 Cricket Bat - UK Edition Senior

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Kookaburra Fever 300 English Willow Cricket Bat Short Handle:

The Kookaburra Fever 300 Cricket Bat has been conceived for impact - both in appearance and profile.

Unashamed graphics are the concept of change, whilst the unique and full profile provides all the armoury for the aesthetics.

Unlike its bigger brother (Fever Max), the Kookaburra Fever 300 Cricket Bat is a lightweight, traditional profile shape, designed more for the touch player.

  • Construction: Built with Grade 2 English Willow
  • Edge: Big edges 36- 38 mm
  • Bow: Standard for ease of stroke play
  • Sweet spot: Low-Middle for All round stroke play 
  • Handle: Semi oval cane handle  brings the benefits of both oval & round handles.  
  • Pick-up: Minimal scalloping for lightweight pick-up
  • Toe: Natural Squared toe
  • Finish: Free Knocking in (15000 Machine knocks on the latest Automated knocking machine)

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