Bat Repairs & Services Special


Bat Knocking Service (15000 Knocks)

$39.00 AUD

$60.00 AUD

Save $21.00

Cricket Bat Knocking Service Every cricket bat is heavily pressed during the production and making...

Bat Servicing

$35.00 AUD

$60.00 AUD

Save $25.00

Cricket Bat Servicing Cricket bat servicing is an essential process to get the optimum life...

Cricket Bat Match Ready inc Knocking

$75.00 AUD

$110.00 AUD

Save $35.00

Cricket Bat Match Ready Inc Knocking. Get your new bat prepared professionally and have it...

Bat Weight Reduction

$50.00 AUD

$125.00 AUD

Save $75.00

Bat Weight Reduction Service A perfect option for a player who thinks his cricket bat...

Bat Shoulder Repair

$30.00 AUD

$60.00 AUD

Save $30.00

Cricket Bat Shoulder Repair Service We can repair your bat shoulder cracks & damages without changing...

Toe Repair

$20.00 AUD

$60.00 AUD

Save $40.00

Cricket Bat Toe Repair Service Repairing major and minor cracks at the toe of the...

Handle Replacement

$110.00 AUD

$120.00 AUD

Save $10.00

Bat Handle Replacement Service We change the handle and put high-quality & modern specification handles....

Cricket Bat Rejuvenation

$110.00 AUD

$200.00 AUD

Save $90.00

Are you the one who Loves your old bat which has a lot of damages...

Toe Grafting

$80.00 AUD

$100.00 AUD

Save $20.00

Cricket Bat Toe Grafting Service If your bat is torn apart from the toe. We...

Bat Refurbishment

$45.00 AUD

$100.00 AUD

Save $55.00

Bat Refurbishment Service If your existing cricket bat requires some new avatar and needs a...

Face Repair

$25.00 AUD

$50.00 AUD

Save $25.00

Bat Face Repair Service We can repair your bat face if it has any damage...

Handle Reshaping & Rethreading

$25.00 AUD

$70.00 AUD

Save $45.00

Cricket Bat Handle Reshaping & Rethreading If you are not happy with the current shape...