Cricket Bowling Machine

Buy a cricket bowling machine from Sturdy Sports at an affordable price. While selecting the cricket bowling machine it's important to look at the performance and output. We recommend considering technical and performance specifications on machines while buying the best one for your club or the backyard. 

Feed Buddy Automatic Cricket Feed Bowling Machine

$145.00 AUD

$150.00 AUD

Save $5.00

Feed Buddy Cricket Bowling Machine The Feed Buddy is a revolutionary new batting aid that...
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BOLA Junior Bowling Machine

$1,999.00 AUD

This SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PACKAGE includes bowling machine, auto ball feeder, legs, balls, 12 volt rechargeable battery with carry...

BOLA 28 Ball Automatic Feeder with Remote

$1,049.99 AUD

$1,200.00 AUD

Save $150.01

BOLA Automatic Ball Feeder has a modified bracket to make it more robust and allow...

BOLA Machine Stand on Wheels

$1,949.99 AUD

$2,200.00 AUD

Save $250.01

The BOLA Machine Stand on Wheels accepts all BOLA Bowling Machines and Auto Feeders without...
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BOLA Professional Bowling Machine

$4,599.99 AUD

$5,000.00 AUD

Save $400.01

The ultimate cricket bowling machine! The 2017 Professional Bowling Machine is fitted with 'Brush-less Motors' which...

BOLA Power Supply (Mains Option)

$689.99 AUD

$750.00 AUD

Save $60.01

A 240v (or 110v optional) high amperage transformer delivers a smooth DC supply for all...

BOLA Compact Machine Stand

$999.99 AUD

$1,015.00 AUD

Save $15.01

BOLA’s Compact Machine Stand is designed for smaller storage spaces with it’s reduced footprint (900mm...