Bowling Machines


Feed Buddy Automatic Cricket Feed Bowling Machine

$145.00 AUD

$150.00 AUD

Save $5.00

Feed Buddy Cricket Bowling Machine The Feed Buddy is a revolutionary new batting aid that...
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BOLA Junior Bowling Machine

$1,999.00 AUD

This SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PACKAGE includes bowling machine, auto ball feeder, legs, balls, 12 volt rechargeable battery with carry...

BOLA 28 Ball Automatic Feeder with Remote

$1,049.99 AUD

$1,200.00 AUD

Save $150.01

BOLA Automatic Ball Feeder has a modified bracket to make it more robust and allow...
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BOLA Professional Bowling Machine

$4,599.99 AUD

$5,000.00 AUD

Save $400.01

The ultimate cricket bowling machine! The 2017 Professional Bowling Machine is fitted with 'Brush-less Motors' which...

BOLA Power Supply (Mains Option)

$689.99 AUD

$750.00 AUD

Save $60.01

A 240v (or 110v optional) high amperage transformer delivers a smooth DC supply for all...

BOLA Machine Stand on Wheels

$1,949.99 AUD

$2,200.00 AUD

Save $250.01

The BOLA Machine Stand on Wheels accepts all BOLA Bowling Machines and Auto Feeders without...

BOLA Compact Machine Stand

$999.99 AUD

$1,015.00 AUD

Save $15.01

BOLA’s Compact Machine Stand is designed for smaller storage spaces with it’s reduced footprint (900mm...