Adidas Cricket Bats

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Adidas Cricket Bats

Adidas AG, branded as Adidas, is a highly reputable and respected German multinational corporation established in the year 1949 by Adolf Dassler. It firmly holds the mastery in designing and manufacturing clothing, shoes, and accessories while successfully being the largest sportswear manufacturer in the European territory.

Adidas shares a pretty flattering and rich history with cricket as it has continued to produce and deliver world-class cricket footwear since the mid-1970s. The firm managed to branch out and finally entered the field of manufacturing superior quality cricket bats in the year 2008, catching the eye of all top-flight cricketers out there. This illustrious company added to its luminous legacy when it signed the little master Sachin Tendulkar as he started using the bat wielded by this champion brand from 2008 until his retirement. They created a personalized bat for him called the ‘Adidas MasterBlaster Elite'. With their constant and relentless display of sheer perseverance in serving nothing but top-notch quality to the game of cricket, Adidas has most certainly grown mighty in stature while building a reputation for itself that is not to be doubted upon. The uncompromised state in its class and quality of manufacturing cricket bats has seen an overwhelming demand and even louder praise from the cricketing community.

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We Have an Extensive Variety of Outstanding Quality Adidas Cricket Bats to Offer!

Adidas has effortlessly continued to meet the rising game standards by serving the most immaculate line of cricket bats with their attitude of ‘Impossible is Nothing’ is an accurate reflection of that. The company has signed endorsement deals with some of the most authoritative and decorated cricketers that the world has ever seen, who have embodied what the brand truly aims for! The bold and dynamic English run machine Kevin Pietersen, the elegant Indian opener Rohit Sharma, and the charismatic English middle-order batsman Ian Bell have all been a jubilant part of the Adidas cricket family, forming a tiny yet mighty part of the noteworthy list of cricketers to have been in proud association with this incredible brand.

Adidas Libro

Considered as one of the most important and stylish ranges of Adidas’ cricket bats, Adidas Libro has attained some true and comprehensive recognition over the years by cricketers all around. These top-drawer cricket bats feature noticeably large chunky edges and a superior balanced pickup with a wider weight range that helps with the flow of your stroke making and lets you inflict considerable power in your shots. It's just truly amazing how light they are which certainly speaks volumes about the weight distribution through the bat. They offer a mid to low sweet spot and come with minimal concaving along with a slight bow that certainly enhances the quality of these classy bats and makes this a superb pick!

Adidas Pellara

These incredible-looking bats really stand out and have frequently been the centre of attention, for all the right reasons. They come with a prominent set of grains and offer a mid to low sweet spot that makes it an ideal bat for players who love to get on the front foot and rely on their immaculate timing of the ball. The fairly sizable squared toe on these blades is accompanied by an incredibly balanced and light pickup that is now a trademark of these top-of-the-line Adidas cricket bats. The extreme value for your money being offered by these exceptionally built Pellara bats is simply ridiculous!

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It's incredibly important for a batsman to prioritize the quality of their cricketing gear and invest in the best possible cricket bat that would help them develop their skillset and grow in confidence as time progresses. This mighty important process involves the crucial first step of spotting a wide array of superior standard cricket bats that come at an affordable price and deliver at a consistent rate. Sturdy Sports guarantees to smoothen out that process for you and gracefully lends an essential helping hand in order to pick the best out of the resources available. We aim at eradicating all sorts of inconveniences that may hinder your collaboration with us as we offer you the most proficient service and consumer experience that you may ever have. So without any further delay, be sure to get your cricketing career on the ideal track and make an awe-inspiring impact playing at the highest level, here with Sturdy Sports!