BAS Cricket Bats

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BAS Vintage Legend Classic Cricket Bats - Senior

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BAS Cricket Bat Vintage Legend Classic - Senior This retro vintage edition is for playing powerful shots. The...

BAS Vintage Classic Cricket Bats - Senior

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  BAS Vintage Classic Cricket Bats - Senior This retro vintage edition is for playing powerful...
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BAS Player Edition Cricket Bats - Senior

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BAS Player Edition Cricket Bat - Senior Hand crafted with finest grade English Willow. With...

BAS Vision 600 Cricket Bats - Senior

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BAS Vision 600 English Willow Cricket Bat - Senior Hand crafted with finest grade English...

BAS Player Super Light Cricket Bats - Senior

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BAS Player Super Light Cricket Bat - Senior Hand crafted with finest grade English Willow....

BAS Retro Vintage MS Dhoni Player Cricket Bat - Senior

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BAS Retro Vintage MS Dhoni Edition English Willow Cricket Bat  This retro vintage edition is for playing...

BAS Vision Cricket Bat - Senior

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BAS Vision English Willow Cricket Bat - Senior Hand crafted with finest grade English Willow....

BAS Cricket Bats in 2021

Beat All Sports (BAS) is an astonishingly famous and well-known sports equipment manufacturing company. The illustrious company was founded by the dedicated duo of D. R. Kohli and Mulkh Raj Kohli in 1935 at Sialkot, carrying on to deliver the most reliable and fulfilling range of products ever since. The exemplary quality being relentlessly served by the firm gives you an accurate idea of the experience and class they exhibit, being one of the leading and oldest names in sports. This ever-rising brand is bestowed with multitudinous outstanding export excellence awards as its spotless service is never to be questioned. They have been manufacturing and distributing top-quality cricket bats that have constantly been subject to quick critical acclamation and have been bombarded with an intense amount of praise. Sturdy Sports is ecstatic to add some potent value to your cricketing career by bringing you this appealing range of BAS cricket bats of the most superior standards around!

We Have a Broad Spectrum of BAS Cricket Bats to Offer!

BAS has undeniably made its presence felt with a captivating amount of conviction while continuing to stand as a genuine source of inspiration for major brands functioning in every part of the world. Being this spectacular and clear with their approach, the company has sponsored a rich and highly decorated profusion of cricketers at the international level. The calm and collected South African run-machine Hashim Amla, the undisputed pride of Indian cricket Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and the prolific former Sri Lankan captain Angelo Mathews have all had pretty solid endorsement deals with BAS and have operated using their mighty bats of the highest quality.

BAS Vampire Vintage Cricket Bats

Designed and manufactured to serve and complement the most superior level of stroke-making, the BAS Vampire Vintage series is seriously a catch of the highest kind! These magnificent looking cricket bats are equipped with a nice and full shape that offers you a relatively larger hitting area and a long middle profile with almost minimal to no concavity to derive maximum output from your stroke play at all parts of the ground. They feature a slightly short 12 piece treble cane round cane handle and a mid to low sweet spot on the highest quality of willow. The edges and the toe on these blades are quite prominently round with the spine ranging up to 63-65mm in length being rounded off into the toe and the handle. With the shape of these cricket bats being quite solid and even, the pickup and balance provided is quite impeccable and smooth which helps you to nail your timing to utmost precision!

BAS Vampire Vision 600 Cricket Bats

Being fabricated and hand-crafted using the finest grade English willow around, BAS Vampire Vision cricket bats possess an incredible array of all the desired qualities and more! They are designed with a full-body shape along with a pronounced, dominating spine that effortlessly facilitates the arduous task of lofting the ball over the in-field and permits you to play powerful shots quite efficiently. The massive 38-40mm edges on the bats are carved out from premium Grade 2 English willow and offer you a mid to low sweet spot. They feature a premium imported 9 piece Singapore round cane handle that allows you to execute your shots with no hindrance and gives you a quite comfortable feel at the crease. The pickup and balance on this incredible range are impressive as always with the bats picking up almost an ounce lighter than the deadweight indicates, which has been a striking feature of the blades being produced by this brand. The pressing and finishing provided by BAS Vampire have monumentally improved as Vision continues to offer a pretty rewarding rebound value. Besides these, the compelling red, white and blue label with the black BAS branding on the willow adds to the eye-catching look and is sure to capture your undivided attention!

Buy BAS Cricket Bats Online & In-Store in Australia at Sturdy Sports!

Making constant and considerable progress at a worthy rate is the prime concern of cricketers playing at any level of the game. This hunger to reach the pinnacle and have the sweet taste of success requires one to be quite precise with their decision making, be it on the field or off it. Here at Sturdy Sports, we aim at eradicating that external pressure of selecting the appropriate and ideal cricket bat by presenting to you an incredibly pleasing collection of willows from the finest brands operating in the game of cricket. Our goal is to leave no avenue unexplored in treating you with the most premium service and to have you pick Sturdy Sports as your one loyal companion beyond any reasonable doubt!