Ceat Cricket Bats

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Ceat Marvel Cricket Bat - Senior

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Ceat Marvel Bat - Senior A classic cricket bat used by the likes of Indian Opener...
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CEAT Gripp Star Cricket Bat - Senior

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CEAT Gripp Star Cricket Bat - Senior A classic cricket bat used by the Indian Opener...
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Ceat Hitman Cricket Bat - Senior

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Ceat Hitman English Willow Bat: Used by Rohit Sharma. CEAT bats are a great addition...
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Ceat Striker Cricket Bat - Senior

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Ceat Striker Cricket Bat - Senior This bat is made with standard-quality English Willow and...
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Ceat Gripp Master Cricket Bat - Senior

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CEAT Gripp Master Cricket Bat - Senior  A classic cricket bat brand used by Indian Opener...
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Ceat Resolute Cricket Bat - Senior

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CEAT Resolute Cricket Bat - Senior A classic cricket bat used by the likes of Indian...
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CEAT Speed Master Cricket Bat - Senior

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CEAT Speed Master Cricket Bat - Senior A classic cricket bat used by the likes of...

CEAT Cricket Bats 

CEAT, a flagship company of RPG-Enterprises, is one highly influential and noteworthy multinational tyre manufacturing corporation based in India. The firm has been a leading force in its field of expertise since its establishment in 1924. Having planned and disguised it as a brand promotion strategy and a measure to comply with ICC regulations, CEAT finally diversified and penetrated the fierce arena of cricket bat manufacturing. The company signed a groundbreaking deal with the star batsman Rohit Sharma in 2015, driven with an intention of strengthening its brand association with cricket. They richly announced themselves to the world of cricket with this revolutionary endorsement deal and sent out a powerful message conveying the fact that they have well and truly arrived, and are here to thrive! Here at Sturdy Sports, we take the utmost pride in offering you this simply stunning range of CEAT cricket bats of the most genuine quality and help you make it big by scoring quite comprehensively at pitches all around the globe! 

We Have a Broad Spectrum of CEAT Cricket Bats to Offer!

CEAT has truly proven to be quite a revelation in the cricketing arena, as it seems to be performing remarkably well in the current market. The company has shown its solid character and worth by signing up with some of the finest names in the game of cricket and embarking on their stupendous journey together. The stylish and sophisticated Indian test vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane, the Indian women’s cricket team T20I captain Harmanpreet Kaur, the passionate and heavily talented Indian batsman Mayank Agarwal, and the ever mighty and destructive Indian opener Rohit Sharma are certain proud users of the CEAT cricket bats and have all signed real potent endorsement deals with the brand for years to come!

CEAT Hitman Cricket Bats

This ebullient range of CEAT cricket bats are of world-class quality and are atrociously famous and well known as they are used and endorsed by the Indian International batting maestro Rohit Sharma. These powerful cricket bats are expertly handcrafted and built by highly accomplished technicians while being produced in limited quantities, which speaks volumes about the superior class and nature of these cricket bats. They feature 9-10 evenly spaced and healthy-looking grains that are well backed up by massive 38-40mm thick but slightly curved edges and a 62mm spine that proves to be quite advantageous for a modern-day batsman with an aggressive nature of stroke play. It’s built with players grade willow and is accompanied by an exaggerated bulge at the sweet spot with the spine of the bat running up into the handle. The weight is nicely and optimally distributed throughout the bat that certainly assists with the much-desired balance while a relatively thin 12 piece round Singapore cane handle along with a mid to low sweet spot makes this series a rewarding and fulfilling buy! The pressing and finishing on this CEAT range of bats are quite incredible which lets you derive maximum value for all your shots!

CEAT Resolute Cricket Bats

This stellar series being offered by CEAT is considered to be heavily in demand and has been one talk of the season. Being used and endorsed by the classy Indian middle-order batsman and Test vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane, CEAT Resolute qualifies to be a reasonable and enriching pick for professional cricketers by all stretches of your imagination. They come with a thick squared toe and a mid to low sweet spot, which lends you superior control over executing powerful shots all around the ground and serve an exemplary performance. Besides this, they feature a medium to thin round Sarawak cane handle which is slightly flattering at the bottom and a gentle bow down towards the toe that helps with an excellent and smoother flow through your drives, an ideal and genuine choice for a cricketer with a front foot dominated gameplay. The weight on these bats is quite evenly distributed and the finishing on these blades is quite impressive as always.

Buy CEAT Cricket Bats Online & In-Store at Sturdy Sports!

Hand-picking and using a cricket bat that suits your natural style of stroke-making and perfectly complements the calibre you possess is quite important in lending you a great deal of confidence and utter satisfaction when you are out there on the field. Sturdy Sports makes sure you never have to miss out on a golden opportunity when it presents itself and pushes you a step closer towards your mighty dream and ambition of playing at the highest level. We aim at delivering the most exciting and splendid set of cricketing equipment to our customers at a price that is extremely reasonable and a service filled with grace and compassion!