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DSC  English Willow Cricket Bat Short Handle: The all powerful Bravado lets you be fearless on...

DSC Cricket Bats in 2021

Delux Sports Company (DSC) is highly acclaimed and applauded as one of the leading sporting goods manufacturing industries in the current market scenario. Being established in 1964, the firm has been on a comprehensive journey of building a name for itself and competing against the giants of the game with utter grace and elegance. DSC has had a pretty bold and innovative process of designing and hand-making some of the finest set of cricket bats going around, one that has not failed to gain an immense amount of popularity and attention in the cricketing arena. The firm is considered one of the best in the business when it comes to producing and delivering top quality cricket bats to a plethora of modern-day cricketers. It continues to embark on its much-celebrated journey as it rises through the ranks of top bat manufacturers around the globe in a rapid and nonchalant manner. Here at Sturdy Sports, we are extremely humbled to offer you this glorious and top-notch range of DSC cricket bats that are guaranteed to lend you much-needed assistance in outperforming the rest and deliver exceptionally at a jaw-dropping pace!

We Have an Incredibly Broad Range of DSC Cricket Bats to Offer!

Being regarded as one of the most trusted and influential names in the cricket bat manufacturing industry, DSC has managed to sign certain groundbreaking endorsement deals with some of the finest and heavily admired personalities in the sport of cricket. The ever spirited and strong Australian middle order batsman Usman Khawaja, the dynamic and unorthodox English opener Rory Burns, and the energetic and enthusiastic West Indian all-rounder Dwayne Bravo form an intrinsic and integral part of the highly talented list of cricketers to have been their association, serving their respective nations with pride and dignity. The brand continues to stir up the imaginative power and excitement levels of cricketers all around the globe as it keeps adding on to this illustrious list and ropes in players of the highest caliber to let them flourish in their charismatic company.

DSC Bravado Dare cricket bats

These top of the charts and sumptuously designed cricket bats have proven to be quite a revelation and have made their way into the list of top priority picks for professional cricketers rather effortlessly. The Bravado Dare range of cricket bats are built with premium players grade English willow and are pleasingly accompanied by humongous 38-40mm thick edges that facilitate aggressive stroke play and help you apply maximum power in your shots. This superb looking series of DSC cricket bats offer a treble-spring multi-piece round cane handle that certainly helps with the exquisite pickup and balance and a mid to low sweet spot that makes the entire process of timing the ball much easier and smoother. The manufacturing procedure of these bats are carried out in a pretty sublime manner wherein the power zone is extended from the mid to lower part of the willow that treats you with a massive hitting area which proves to be quite forgiving and an ideal recipe for a run feast. They come with 7-8 equidistant and parallel grains on the surface of the blade that is well carried down into the squared toe which is finished with a hard-wearing toe-guard, giving it a prominent and defining look! They have enhanced these bats with DSC’s Energy Profile, which is an exciting alteration in bat design that permits the maximum transfer of energy through to the ball and lets you extort brute force and real precision with relative ease. With such an enriching and dynamic set of specifications at your disposal, this powerful range truly holds the ability to render you quite fearless at the crease and make the best out of every arriving opportunity!

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Performance of the most superior and relentless quality, with an attitude reflecting a reasonable degree of confidence on the field, is of prime importance for any cricketer around the globe. Sturdy Sports acts as that important stimulant by presenting to you these stellar and sublime ranges of advanced quality cricket bats that will let you dictate terms on the cricket field while facing every bowler with an enhanced standard of fearlessness and ferociousness. We believe in treating our customer base with every ounce of our loyalty and diligence that result in an impeccable and irreproachable buying experience for them to remember a lifetime!