Gray Nicolls Cricket Bats

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Gray Nicolls Supra 1000 RPlay Bat Cricket Bat - Senior

AUD $539.00

AUD $650.00

Save $111.00

The Supra was an extremely popular option last summer and has a fresh stickering update...
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Gray Nicolls Nova 800 Cricket Bat - Senior

AUD $389.00

AUD $550.00

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Designed to meet the demands of all forms of cricket, the Gray-Nicolls Nova Cricket Bat features large...
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Gray Nicolls Delta GN1 Cricket Bat - Harrow

AUD $129.00

AUD $225.00

Save $96.00

The Delta cricket bat is sure to be a popular bat, having made the jump...
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Gray Nicolls Giant Cricket Bat - Senior Long Blade

AUD $389.00

AUD $425.00

Save $36.00

Handcrafted from Select English Willow the Giant has been made to the limits of the...
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Gray Nicolls Powerspot Cricket Bat - Senior Long Blade

AUD $649.00

AUD $750.00

Save $101.00

All Powerspot bats will be made in Australia. A true GRAY-NICOLLS classic made famous by...
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Gray Nicolls Powerspot Cricket Bat - Senior

AUD $599.00

AUD $750.00

Save $151.00

All Powerspot bats will be made in Australia. A true GRAY-NICOLLS classic made famous by...
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Gray Nicolls Cobra Force Rplay Cricket Bat - Size 3

AUD $115.00

AUD $165.00

Save $50.00

The Cobra has been a mainstay in the GRAY-NICOLLS range for a number of seasons...
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Gray Nicolls 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Cricket Bat - Extra Special

AUD $569.00

AUD $700.00

Save $131.00

To celebrate the impressive milestone of 50 years of bat production in Australia, Gray Nicolls present...
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Gray Nicolls Ignite Beast Cricket Bat - Senior

AUD $449.00

AUD $850.00

Save $401.00

Gray Nicolls Ignite Beast  The Ignite Beast is currently in the hands of some of...
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Gray Nicolls Delta GN1 Cricket Bat - Size 4

AUD $129.00

AUD $225.00

Save $96.00

The Delta cricket bat is sure to be a popular bat, having made the jump...
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Gray Nicolls Maax GN5 Cricket Bat - Harrow

AUD $229.00

AUD $400.00

Save $171.00

Gray Nicolls Maax GN5 Cricket Bat Selected Grade 1 World’s finest English Willow hard pressed &...
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Gray Nicolls Stealth GN4 Cricket Bat - Senior

AUD $249.00

AUD $500.00

Save $251.00

Gray Nicolls Stealth GN4 Cricket Bat  A full blade profile developed in conjunction with our...

Gray Nicolls Cricket Bats

Gray-Nicolls is a well-renowned and recognized name in the sport of cricket for well over a century now. The company was formed as a result of a merger between two companies, Gray and Nicolls. It wasn't until 1876 that the company started manufacturing and delivering world-class cricket bats for commercial purposes. The reputation of Gray-Nicolls really magnified when the likes of former English captain Wally Hammond and Australian all-rounder Keith Miller started using it. This brand has impressively continued to innovate and adapt to the constantly changing style of play, therefore successfully stamping its authority on the modern era of the game. The company introduced the ‘scoop’ bat in 1974, which is often referred to as cricket’s most famous bat. With a very natural and authentic process of manufacturing cricket bats using the finest timber, Gray- Nicolls has well and truly shown the world how it’s possible to deliver top-quality equipment while constantly evolving and staying relevant to the game's current demands. Here at Sturdy Sports, we help you enhance your gameplay to meet the mighty modern game standards by offering this elegant and classy range of Gray-Nicolls cricket bats of the most advanced quality!

We Have A Broad Range Of Gray Nicolls Cricket Bats To Offer!

Gray-Nicolls has established its power and domination by associating with some of the finest names in the game and being an intrinsic part of their cricketing journey. The highly successful and decorated former English captain Sir Alastair Cook, the nonchalant Kiwi talisman Kane Williamson and the talented Pakistani batsman Babar Azam have all had potent endorsement deals with this scintillating brand and have delivered some of the greatest knocks world cricket has ever seen using their bats. With Sturdy Sports, here is your chance to delve deeper into this illustrious range of Gray-Nicolls bats that have been a rich part of the history and kick-start your own cricketing career!

Gray-Nicolls Delta (Players Edition)

These masterfully handcrafted players edition cricket bats are manufactured with a peculiar design to replicate the profile and shapes that are usually used at the international level. This top-of-the-line bat offers a mid-sized profile with a mid-to-high sweet spot and a nice high spine going all the way down. They come with a slightly squarer toe and a semi-oval handle with the weight optimally distributed throughout the bat assisting a balanced pickup.

Gray-Nicolls Atomic

This magnificent and stylish series has been a standout choice for many batsmen all around, especially for the cricketers just starting out. The grains on these blades are pretty prominent and healthy. Besides that, this highly influential series features maximum size edges along with a relatively flatter but nice and full spine that helps with the lightweight pickup and facilitates smooth stroke play. With an undeniably great profile and a well-balanced structure, this surely qualifies as an ideal pick offering you the complete value for your money!

Gray-Nicolls Velocity

This sublime Velocity range by Gray-Nicolls is endorsed by the explosive Australian batsman Chris Lynn and the graceful former Australian limited-overs captain George Bailey. This top-notch series offers you a steep spine with a bit of concaving on their bats that certainly helps with the weight and ultimate balance you need to nail your shots. They also feature a mid to low sweet spot and provide a beautiful pickup, most certainly a bat to look out for!

Buy Top Quality Gray Nicolls Bats Online & In-Store at Sturdy Sports!

Stepping out onto the field with electrifying energy and constantly delivering a performance of the highest stature is the best possible way to announce yourself as a batsman to the cricketing world. This desire and hunger for a noteworthy performance demand the best out of you by all stretches. Sturdy Sports ensures and provides you with that critical helping hand by offering the most powerful and superior quality cricket bats to maintain the desired consistency and leave a profound mark at the biggest stage! We are sure to impress you with our generous service and hospitality by treating you to a wholesome and rewarding experience like never before. So don't miss out on this golden opportunity to connect with the best in the business and boost your game to inexplicable bounds!