Puma Cricket Bats

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PUMA Cricket Bats

Puma is a German multinational corporation specialized in manufacturing athletic apparel, footwear, and accessories while successfully distributing its products in over 120 countries. The company was brought into existence by Rudolf Dassler in 1948 and has since ruthlessly continued to supply top drawer products with its standard ingenious quality intact. Manufactured by one of the most dominating sports brands around, Puma Crickets have been a top priority choice for cricketers at all levels beyond an iota of doubt. The supreme level of quality accompanied by a constant exploration of exciting avenues for innovation has been an obvious and prominent reason behind the success of these mighty Puma cricket bats. The brand has impressed the cricketing community to unparalleled levels and aims at continually raising the bar for years to come. Here at Sturdy Sports, we are thrilled to offer you this exuberant range of Puma cricket bats at the most affordable prices that are sure to perfectly complement your skillset and feed your sublime caliber!


We Have a Wide Array of Extraordinary Quality PUMA Cricket Bats to Offer!

The top of the chart quality and the irreplaceable dynamism constantly offered by Puma has been a point of amazement in the cricketing community for decades now. They have emphatically been in association with the most impressive and bold line of cricketers, sincerely reflecting the true nature of this charismatic brand. The explosive and energetic former New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum, the aggressive Australian opener Aaron Finch and the undisputed pride of Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh have all had formidable endorsement deals with Puma over the course of their eminent cricketing careers.

Puma Evospeed Cricket Bats

This top-of-the-range series from Puma looks absolutely outstanding and pleasing to the eye. These exceptional quality blades let you hit through the ball as fast as you can, presenting maximum value for your shots. The bats in this range offer you a mid elongated sweet spot that effortlessly facilitates an uncompromised all-round stroke play with the bowed profile enhancing power and control on all your shots. They feature a slightly rounded face that helps with the durability and massive thick edges that prove to be quite forgiving in all conditions. The minimal scalloping and a slightly concave profile on Evospeed provide excellent balance and a superb lightweight pickup that allows a batsman to time the ball impeccably well. With such astounding and incredible features, this is not something a modern-day batsman would want to miss out on!

Puma Pulse Cricket Bats

This mighty iconic range of Puma cricket bats has most definitely been the one to keep an eye out for being a top priority choice for cricketers across many nations. They come with a relatively flat face and nice big edges that perfectly complement the fast nature of the game and the dynamic hard-hitting style of play. Besides this, they also feature a mid to high sweet spot and a round handle lending optimum comfort for decisive shot-making. The pickup on these bats is simply incredible making this an ideal pick by all means!

Puma Kinetic

Masterfully designed with a traditional blade length and featuring large pronounced edges, Puma Kinetic is undoubtedly a noteworthy choice for cricketers just starting out. These sumptuous blades offer a mid to low sweet spot that is boldly accompanied by a high spine to maximize the brute force and power in your shots. They come with a concave back and an artificial grain covering on the face of the bat that surely magnifies the quality of the willow while helping you operate rather smoothly and splendidly on the field.

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Buying a cricket bat is assuredly an exciting and enriching time for a batsman considering the importance of stepping out onto the field with a superior quality willow to make the best out of your game. The performance and execution of your skills will be put to test at the highest level demanding you to deliver at a relentlessly consistent rate. Here at Sturdy Sports, we help you put your best foot forward by assisting you in bringing the best out of your game strengths and navigate your way out of such pressure situations with an enhanced reputation! Sturdy Sports delightfully welcomes you to embrace a world where the convenience of a customer drives the product design and gifts them with an experience to savor for a lifetime. We urge you to put your faith in us and your trust must be treated with the utmost respect!