Cricket Bat Preparation

With purchase of every English Willow bat from Sturdy Sports you receive up to $150 worth of stuff for Free including:

- 15000+ Machine Knocking

- Full length Bat Cover

- Reduced Match Ready Service price if you choose one

Bat Knocking Service

Bat Knocking is one of the very essential and significant process in preparing the bat. It plays an important role to increase the longevity of the bat and get the optimum performance in a short span of time. We knock the bats with the latest Hi-tech machines ensuring that toe, edges and blade of the bat are knocked thoroughly.  We provide more than 15,000 knocks to every new bat and No further knocking is required after our knocking service.


Match Ready Service

We also provide Match Ready service that includes oiling, sanding, buffing & applying face protection sheet along with side edges on bats and applying wax on the back of the bat. All these processes help to reduce facial marks & cracks by 75 – 90%, provide protection & improves longevity of the bats as they are expensive.


  • Oiling - helps to maintain moisture in the bat and increase performance & life.
  • Sanding – removes excess oil from blade of the bat, also reduce weight added during oiling and bring back the natural colour of the bat.
  • Buffing – brings shine back to the bat and helps in locking the moisture.
  • Face & Edge protection - helps in maintaining your bat during tough conditions and reduce the marks from new ball, minimize edge damages and protect it on a rainy day.
  • Bee Wax – is applied at the back side of the bat to lock the moisture inside the bat, add shine & give professional look to your new bat.


What’s next after Bat Preparation?

Once your bat has undergone Knocking & Match Ready Service, we strongly advise you to play couple of hours in net sessions with an old leather ball.


Have you ever heard about Bat Servicing?

As your car needs maintenance and servicing, your bat too. Please click here to continue reading