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Bat Knocking Service (15000 Knocks)

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Cricket Bat Knocking Service

Every cricket bat is heavily pressed during the production and making so they will have good ping out of them. To soften the fibre on the face of the willow and get the best ping, performance, and longevity a cricket bat requires knocking.

Features of Our Cricket Bat Knocking Service

  • 15000 knocks in 45 minutes from the most advanced and latest knocking machine.
  • Knocking done on full bat including Face, Edge & Toe (No Further Knocking Required).
  • Special attention (Extra knocks) can be done on the weaker area of the bat especially on the toe during Bat Knocking with No Extra cost (Speak to our staff member when ordering).

How Interstate Customers Can Avail Our Bat Knocking Service?

  • We care and look after our customers at Interstate.
  • Any customer interstate who needs to avail bat knocking service on their bats can send the bats to us at – Shop 3, 535 Geelong Road, Brooklyn, Vic 3012.
  • The bat will be dispatched to your desired address once ready.

Why Sturdy Sports for Bat Knocking Service?

  • We use the latest and industrial machine which gives the best result and reduces the turnaround. All cricket bat knocking & repairs are done by the Sturdy Sports team (not outsourced to the third party and off-site).
  • We do all kind of bat knocking In - Store by our own experienced staff. All the bat knocking work is done under the supervision of our management performed by our highly qualified and experienced staff.

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