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Bat Servicing

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Cricket Bat Servicing 

Cricket bat servicing is an essential process to get the optimum life out of a cricket bat. Cricket bats are expensive items and therefore it is important to take good care of it. Servicing maximises the bats' performance to a great extent and almost double the life of a cricket bat. Cricket bats are like cars and their servicing should ideally be done twice a year

How We Do Cricket Bat Servicing?

  • Bat Oiling: Oiling the face, edges, toe & shoulder of the bat. A bat needs to be optimally oiled at all times
  • Light sanding the blade to remove excess oil sitting on the face of the bat.
  • Buffing- brings the shine back to the bat
  • Bee Wax - applied at the backside of the bat to lock the moisture inside the bat.
  • Face Protection – New face sheet applied on the bat (Clear or Fibre)
  • Toe Protection - Shoe Goo applied to protect against water damage plus it absorbs excessive vibration.
  • Bat Grip- We thoroughly inspect the bat and apply a new grip if required

How Interstate Customers Can Avail Cricket Bat Servicing?

  • We care and look after our customers at Interstate.
  • Any customer interstate who needs to avail of this service on their bats can send the bats to us at – 23 Stanley Street, West Melbourne, Victoria 3003.
  • The Bat will be dispatched to your Desired Address once ready.

Why Sturdy Sports for Cricket Bat Servicing?

  • We use the latest and industrial cricket bat servicing machines which give the best result and reduce the turnaround. All bat servicing is done by the Sturdy Sports team (not outsourced to the third party and off-site).
  • We do all kind of bat servicing In - Store by our own experienced staff. All the cricket bat servicing work is done under the supervision of our management performed by our highly qualified and experienced staff.

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