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Masuri E Line Steel Senior Helmet

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Masuri E Line Steel Senior Helmet

  • Revolutionary new design with several new features
  • Compliant with new ICC standards; BS 7928:1998 and AZ/NZS 4499
  • Eye-line Grille is an additional top bar on the grill, which deflects the ball away from the players face
  • Halo Reinforcement System ensures the wearer is protected from a ball delivered at 150km/h
  • Three layer airflow protection system allows air to circulate freely at all times, keeping the wearer cool
  • Strong stainless steel grill

Size Guide

Junior Small -: 51-54 Cm

Junior Large -:  54-57 Cm

Senior Small -: 55-58 Cm

Senior Medium -: 58-61 Cm

Senior Large -: 61-64 Cm

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