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Leverage SpeedArm Ball Thrower

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About Leverage SpeedArm Cricket Ball Thrower

Currently endorsed by the Indian cricket team and England team coaches. A smaller release stick provides extra control and accuracy without any hassle. Extremely easy to use and can be mastered by anyone within minutes.

Features of this Cricket Ball Thrower

  • - Can ball up to 130kph. 
  • - The size of the SpeedArm is short and hence sighting ball is easier due to its natural trajectory
  • - The SpeedArm is a one-stop batting solution at an affordable price. An Injury-Free handheld tool for a coach, parent, and cricketers of all the levels
  • - The SpeedArm can be used in just 30 ft space for knocking practice
  • - The SpeedArm can also be used in practice camp, back yard or any cricket playing surface
  • - The SpeedArm produces a realistic bowling action while throwing due to its short length
  • - Great tool for parents and coaches so they don't have to get exhausted
  • - Softer flex and easy release
  • - Designed to throw all sorts of cricket balls (lighter practice junior balls (Incredibles or wind balls) as well as leather cricket balls
  • - SpeedArm - is a multipurpose device and used to train international cricketer
  • - A brilliant tool for building confidence and repetition of technique
  • - Must-have tool for any net session
  • - Provide fast, swinging, seaming, and spinning deliveries with ease and control
  • - 6-Month manufacturer’s warranty

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