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Ton Gutsy Cricket Bat - Senior

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Ton Gutsy Cricket Bat - Senior

TON first started exporting cricket bats from India in 1979. The easily recognisable TON logo can be seen on the edges of many of the world's best international cricketers bats. The name has become synonymous with superior quality bats & fantastic value

Special Edition Launch to Celebrate Golden Jubilee with Limited Production. High Grade Low Price

  • Construction: Built with Grade 2 English Willow
  • Edge: Big edges 37- 40 mm 
  • Bow: Subcontinent style bow
  • Sweet spot:  Low to Mid Sweet spot for All round stroke play 
  • Handle: 9 piece Singapore cane oval handle for comfort and complete control
  • Pick-up: Minimal scalloping for lightweight pick-up
  • Toe: Comes Natural Toe
  • Finish: Free Knocking in (15000 Machine knocks on the latest Automated knocking machine)

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