Ball Thrower


Leverage RoboArm Ball Thrower

$79.00 AUD

$100.00 AUD

Save $21.00

Leverage RoboArm is the most advanced ball thrower in the world. Currently endorsed by Indian...

Ultimate Ball Thrower

$40.00 AUD

$50.00 AUD

Save $10.00

Ultimate Ball Thrower - Great for Training
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Sidearm Club

$50.00 AUD

Sidearm Club Ball Thrower
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Sidearm Elite

$60.00 AUD

$70.00 AUD

Save $10.00

Sidearm Elite Ball Thrower
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Leverage SpeedArm Ball Thrower

$49.00 AUD

$70.00 AUD

Save $21.00

Currently endorsed by Indian cricket team and England team coaches. Smaller release stick provides extra...

Leverage RoboCup (Fits RoboArm & RoboMini)

$19.00 AUD

$25.00 AUD

Save $6.00

Accidents do happen, why spend $60 on a new ball thrower when you can just...
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Leverage RoboArm Mini Ball Thrower

$89.00 AUD

$110.00 AUD

Save $21.00

New RoboArm Mini Cricket Ball Thrower: Max Speed (140 kph) The tiltable cup helps to...