CA Cricket Bats

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CA SM 18 5 Star Cricket Bat - Senior

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CA Plus 9000 Cricket Bat - Senior

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CA Cricket Bats

CA Sports is unquestionably one of the most conspicuous and trustworthy names in the game of cricket. The company’s name makes reference to the initials of its founder's name, Chiragdin Abdulrasheed. Being established in 1958, the brand has been credited with certain groundbreaking levels of production and innovation that have shaped up the entire process of designing a cricket bat and enhancing the quality of the willow being provided. The curve-shaped bats, which are quite essential and fundamental in modern-day cricket, were first fabricated and structured by CA Sports. The firm has been the official and long running sponsor of the Pakistan national cricket team and is presently offering its generous and top quality service to the resurgent Afghanistan national cricket team. Sturdy Sports is ecstatic to become a noticeable part of this legacy by presenting to you this captivating range of CA cricket bats that are sure to instil a great deal of determination in you and help you conquer the greatest of heights on a cricket field!

We Have an Extensive Array of CA Cricket Bats to Offer!

CA Sports has truly and deservingly accumulated an immense amount of praise throughout its illustrious and noteworthy association with the sport of cricket. The company has pleasedly sponsored a wide array of cricketers at the international level who have been using the willow manufactured by this highly decorated brand. The fierce and atrociously dominating West Indian six hitting powerhouse Christopher Henry Gayle, the mighty former Pakistani captain Javed Miandad, and the calm-headed English limited over captain Eoin Morgan have all been sponsored by CA Sports at some point of time in their respective careers!

CA Plus 15000 Players Edition Cricket Bat

These stunningly manufactured cricket bats from CA are structured and designed to impeccable perfection. Been consistently used by the giants of Pakistan cricket Misbah-ul-haq and Shoaib Malik throughout their much celebrated cricketing careers, these cricket bats have been an absolute prized pick for players all around. They have got real big 38-40mm edges and a reasonably high 65mm spine that runs down all the way into the toe which comes with a factory fitted CA embossed toe guard. The pickup of these bats is quite superb as it feels awfully light in your hands and serves you with the ultimate balance that you require! Besides this, they are built with players grade willow and feature a mid to high sweet spot with an extra bulge that allows the ball to travel extra further.

CA Plus 12000 Camo Edition Cricket Bats

Used by the likes of the great Pakistani batsman and a legend of the game Younis Khan, this is a cricket bat of the highest quality in the current times and most certainly makes the cut for an ideal purchase by all means. These first-class cricket bats come with massive 38-40mm edges and a 65mm high spine being exquisitely rounded off into the slightly rounded toe that arrives with a factory fitted toe guard. They offer a mid to high sweet spot with an extra bit of meat in the middle that certainly helps you pack a great punch with your shots and time the ball to sublime perfection.

CA SM 18 5 Star Cricket Bats

These wonderfully and conclusively manufactured cricket bats resemble the exact same profile as used by the former Pakistan national cricket team’s captain, Shoaib Malik. They come with 8-9 prominent and healthy-looking grains on the surface of the bat that give it the inspiring and defining look, which is now the trademark of CA Sports. These bats are built with premium-grade 1 English willow that features massive 38-40mm thick edges and a predominantly round 12 piece Singapore cane handle. The weight distribution on these top of the line blades is quite flawless as they serve you a pretty solid pickup that allows you to transfer your weight into your shots quite fluently. The pressing and finishing on the willow is definitely worth noting as the response provided by these cricket bats is simply superb.

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Playing the sport of cricket at a competitive level and aiming to deliver with extraordinary consistency requires you to put in the hard yards and necessarily be assisted by the equally compelling quality of cricketing equipment. But coming across such superior quality material and making the ideal choice might not be as easy as it sounds. This is where we, at Sturdy Sports, offer you an exciting and sublime range of cricket accessories that is teamed up with a pleasurable service to meet all your expectations with sheer perfection. So be sure to put your faith in us and let us take care of all your cricketing needs!